video Redneck PortoDeerStand
This is a self explanatory video of how I made my custom PortoDeerStand. I built it from the ground up to fit my specific needs. From the windows to the paint job, this is a deer stand that will produce results while providing comfort.
carterc1302 months ago
can you bowhunt out of it?
Thats hilarious we have a playhouse thing we sit in and ive gotten an 8 point out of it already XD
Needs a CAMO paint job !!!
steelnix2 years ago
afackler (author)  steelnix2 years ago
Thanks! Spread the word and vote for it please!
Slay.2 years ago
Hey, i loved your instructable so i voted for it! If you like mine you should vote for it too at:
sfackler2 years ago
This is about as redneck as you can get!!!