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This project came about because the house was starting to look like a vampires nest with all the dirt and spider webs everywhere and I would like to start painting the place.
Trouble is those spiders web are really difficult to get off and using a pressure washer just seem to spread them around, and a brush didn't help much either. I did find however if I spun the brush it seem to work quite well flicking off the dirt and winding the spider webs onto the brush, only one thing for it then,  put a motor on the brush!
The 2 photos are the before and after 30 seconds with the RedNeck Power Bush.

As this instructable is entered in the redneck contest there are references to Hillbilly's, Bogens and rednecks.

Most photos have notes attached

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

For this project your going to need
  • whipper sniper, bush cutter, weed eater or weed whacker boom. (heavy duty Rednecks will also need the engine)
  • soft circular brush.
  • cordless drill
  • various size hoses.
  • insulation tape

Step 2: Striping Down the Weed Whacker

First you will need to remove the boom and the line trimmer head  from machine. The throttle cable and any other parts that are in the way will also have to be removed as we are going to straighten the boom.
Its not to difficult just undo the screws and slide the boom off the engine.  The line trimmer head is left hand thread on some models.

Step 3: Straighten the Boom and Fitting the Brush

To straighten the boom I just carefully put tin the vice and pushed the tube a little bit at a time, and kept repositioning it in the vice, until straight.
To fit the brush I found a piece of rubber tube about the right size and screwed it on the of end of the shafts and wound some insulation tape on the end to give the thread of the brush something to bite into.
The brush can then be screwed onto the end of the shaft.

Step 4: Dont Try This on Your Own Car!

If you got the urge to put the 2 stroke engine back on and use it could be a RedNeck!
there are lots of uses for a 2 stroke power brush,  you can
  • take the paint off the neighbours car!
  • clean the outhouse!
  • wash those pots and pans!
  • break your windows!
  • set fire to yourself!
  • remove the fur from small animals!

If you want something a bit more useful go to the next step

Step 5: Fitting the Cordless Drill

So a whipper sniper engine is just a bit over the top, so to power the brush I used a cordless drill, which can be fitted and  removed quickly.
First cut an inch or so off the end off the boom so the drill chuck can be tighten up on the flexible shaft inside the tube.
Next I used some plastic and poly irrigation tube to increase the size of the end of the boom, so the cordless drill can  slide up the the end, and as the poly tube is split it clamps onto the cordless drill.
To fit the drill just pull out the flexible shaft and attach to the drills chuck and the slide the drill into the poly pipe.
To remove pull the drill out and undo the drills chuck.

Step 6: So Hows It Work?

The brush work way better than I expected and works well on those awkward and difficult items like fly screens and spider webs. The fist time I fired it up I wasn't expecting the amount of dirt dust and cobweb to be thrown in my face, I got stuff in my eyes and hair so safety goggles and a dust mask is a good idea.
It is also good for taking off that chalky power that old paint gets, and as yet I haven't tried in on the car or toilet ( that step was a joke )



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    actually a better idea is to put it in public domain with a public domian license set up there no one would be able patent it. but every 1 would be able to use the idea and make money off it

    Thanks astral, I just made it as a bit of a laugh, what was unexpected was how well it works.

    anything that exploits power tools and lawn equipment always gets my vote two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    great job
    btw i like your smile :P

    hahaha... this is great... SO redneck! And speaking of "necks", is yours ok? ;-D

    Awesome work.
    But as a fellow Victorian, you should know it's spelled "Bogan".