Picture of Redneck Stand Mixer That Goes Anywhere!
It's been a while since I have posted in instructables, and the bread making contest is just what I needed to inspire me for some delicious red neck greatness. I love bread, I love good bread. I lived in Germany for two years, and one of my favorite memories is the numerous, sometimes daily trips to the local Bäckerei (Bakery.) They seemed to be one on every street corner in every city I lived. Whether it was Greifswald on the North Sea, Weimar in Thüringen, or good old Berlin.  The bread was like nothing I had ever had in America, it blew my socks off.  I didn't realize bread could be that good.  Even compared to my mom's homemade bread it seemed light years ahead in taste, texture, and crust! (sorry Mom, not your fault. Nobody competes with it.) Then I moved back to the states. As excited as I was to have the familiar sites and sounds of the land I grew up in... The bread! Why oh why wonder bread!?! How could you trick me into believing this was as good as bread gets! How I missed the smell of fresh bread on a morning Bäckerei pit stop before work. 

After sampling every kind of artisan, bakery, $10 a pound specialty bread I had access to some came close, but alas none were truly as magnificent as meine beliebte kleine Brötchen (my beloved little hard crusted bread rolls.) Not to mention the price comparison was ridiculous. Sadly we pay obscene prices for one of the most basic culinary staples of western culture, because it's marketed to us as "Artisian" or "special" bakery bread.  In my quest what I have come to understand about truly awesome bread is that it is about as simple of a culinary item to prepare as there ever was. Yet the art seems to have been lost in most of the standard American homes I've had chance to sample there home made version of bread.  To that end I set out to prove that even the most redneck methods of bread preparation could best any weak squishy American store bought bread!

Thus the Redneck Stand Mixer was born!

Total cost of project for me $0
pastprimitive (author) 2 years ago
Thanks! I just have never been able to knead it long enough by hand to reproduce the kneading results I get with a stand mixer. Once I kneaded a dough ball for 30 minutes and I think then it was pretty close. But I understand the romance of hand kneading the bread. If he wants the DXF file I used I can post it.
WriterChick2 years ago
This is awesome, and if I didn't love the feeling of kneading, I'd definitely use this. It strikes me that the stand itself might be useable for other drilling projects, as well, so I'm forwarding this to my Dad, who's kinda stuck for a Christmas gift for Mom this year.