This here handy dandy thing-a-ma-jig is what is know as an O-fish-al Redneck Toothpick Carrier complete with De-lux Waterproofin'

it's easier than possum pie to make.  Y'all just save you a few spent shells after  youse done-did finished runnin' off them-thar varmints from yo properties.


This is an Official Redneck Toothpick (teethpick for non rednecks) Carrier with optional waterproofing.

All you need is a few empty shotgun shells.

Step 1: Hows-A-Do


Give one of em a good stretchin' around the open end and then you squoze in the other one till it is good and snug.  Don't worry none ifin the inside shell get a bit wrinkly, it's right as ring dings.

Pull your shells apart just like ya do when your dogs get all riled up .. jess grab the back end of each one and yank till they pop apart.

Drop in yo toothpicks and squoze the shells together ag'in.


Using your finger apply an outward pressure to flair the top of the shell making it easier to slide the second shell inside the first.  press fit the two shells together.  The inside shell will get a crease in it, don't panic that is normal. 

Grab the brass end of each shell and pull them apart.

Fill the inside shell with toothpicks, and slide the outside shell onto the inside shell.

Why would a redneck carry toothpicks? I thought he would be cutting them right away from an instant cut sequoia tree! <br>Just kidding mate, nice idea, like it!!!
if you do thiss with a new shell you can cut the top of and use the wading as a lid it looks a bit cooler than the tape <br>
maybe cool looks count for more in your neck o' the woods, but i'm kinda partial to the silvery shine of my de-lux waterproofin'<br> <br> To each his own ... in the immortal words of those right nice fellers from Bartles and James..<br> <br> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=w3LkWVqYecE#t=25s" rel="nofollow">We thank you for your support</a>
I figger this about the purdiest instructable i ever done laid eyes on. And you speak some mighty fine redneckese if i do say so myself.
well sheeee-oot youse fixin' to make a feller blush.
Redneck approved!
I couldn't ask for higher praise :)

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