Redneck Traveling Wine Chalice





Introduction: Redneck Traveling Wine Chalice

Stylish and practical, this highfalutin goblet goes where no other will.  It is equally at home in a five star hotel, as it is primitive camping with the wildcats and grizzly bears.  Best of all, it won't spill while you are not drinking from it.  Water, Dom Perignon, or That bad batch of homemade chokecherry wine, this chalice does it all.

Step 1: Supplies

The required supplies are:

A glass candlestick.  The dollar store can help here.
An empty jelly or canning jar.
Glue, specially formulated for glass to glass bonding.  Hobby Lobby sells GlassBond

Step 2: Bonding

Place a bead of glue on the candlestick, wait two minutes (per: the glue manufacture's instructions), then center the jar on the top of the candlestick.

Step 3: Wait

Go do something else crafty while the glue sets up.

Step 4: Customize

A bow adds a nice holiday flair.

Step 5: Test, Test, Test

Testing is important, make sure to test thoroughly.  Pour, Swirl, Sip, Chug, then put the lid on and give it a leak test.

Step 6: Again, Again

Four more candlesticks, time to eat some more jelly.



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    Funny and cute. And for the heavy drinkers, you can add a full-sized mason jar.

    Great upgrade idea! I'm gonna go see if I saved that gallon pickle jar to make one for my sister. Uh... it might need more than one stem.

    HAHAHA!!! you know that idea of using the giant pickle jar sounds like a good idea for a giant redneck margarita glass!!

    OOOh, I like that.  and maybe for a Margarita glass one could integrate a glass salt shaker. 
    (Shaker o' salt made out of an old glass.....???,spice bottle?, Christmas ornament?,  ...?)

    Depends on how you want to integrate it...i will get on that and maby we could collaborate on this one? PM me if you want to. i def will be researching more on it myself though.

    BUT im thinking make a little glass "pouch" to slide in one of those small Lucas margarita salt containers.

    What's a Lucas Margarita salt container? 
    Google just gives me ads for Cabo San Lucas.  Yeah, I'd like to go but us cowboys shouldn't go into the ocean   The boots 'll pull ya right to the bottom.
    I'd love to collaborate with you on this.  If we keep it in the comments section everyone who cars can benefit, and maybe throw in another great idea, like you did.

    no problem then. they have changed up the packaging ALOT since i last saw it, but here is one of the many products they sell:;_ylt=A0oG7h29BN1OuhoADQ5XNyoA?p=lucas%20salt%20candy&fr2=piv-web

    the cannister looks like the third picture on the top row.

    Kewl, I see they make Lime salt also.

    Time to prototype and test, test, test.  revise and test, test, test.
    best of all, all that testing means more empty bottles to make things from.  It's a maker's endless circle of goodness.

    Me likey! Not sure if my wife would be so thrilled, lol.

    Gotta make some of these to pass out (no pun intended) this Christmas.