I started this project with a stock green 96 Dodge Dakota. Nothing redneck about it, but with a full bed liner paint job and a few mods i get redneck comments and looks constantly

Modification list:
- Full truck bed liner paint job
- Expanded metal grille
- Hood pins (rednecks love hood pins) 
- Floodlights
- Shaved door handles

Step 1: Getting the Truck Ready & Paint

The first thing i did was take off all the vinyl on the side of the truck as well as the fender flares and bug deflector. I used a flatbar and a scraper for the vinyl. The flares and bug deflector just have a few screws holding them on 
Since im using bed liner to paint the whole truck sanding was minimal, just enough to scuff the clear coat so it will stick well. 

The bed liner i used was Duplicolor Bed Armor  made with kevlar. It came with a 1 gallon can of bed armor, a roller and brushes.

Once the whole body of the truck is scuffed up and free of any sanding dust or oil, roll or brush on the first coat. The great thing about this paint job is that no matter how you put it on its almost impossible to do it wrong because the end result is an abrasive finish. i did two coats just to be safe, I also bought a can of sprayable Bed Armor for hard to reach areas.

Overall this paint job only cost $120 and it gets alot more looks than any stock paint
<p>I like it, but worry that the cables could remove a limb should you accidentally hit someone.</p>
Awesome job!! I like the texture it gives it.
is that the same truck? look like the wheels and the ride height are different too. and new dent in the front bumper.
This is rad! Keep posting! When do you think you will add your next mod?

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