Redo a Broken Rocking Chair and Add Something Special





Introduction: Redo a Broken Rocking Chair and Add Something Special

Decided to redo this for my mom for mother's day and add something special for her

Step 1: Takedown

Begin by taking the chair apart, remember to note where things went... or take a picture as a reference.

Step 2: Gluing and Sanding

Glue the broken seat together and let dry.. Sand the pieces down

Step 3: Coating and Some Assembly

Once sanded to desired smoothness, apply the linseed oil and reassemble some of the pieces

Step 4: Finish Assembly and Gluing

Finish assembling the pieces gluing them in place. *note I put the rockers on backwards so she could put it closer to the wall.. it has no affect on the performance of the rocker...*

Step 5: Something Special

I added something special for mom to kinda personalize it. I used carbon paper to trace the design on to the piece, then I used the Dremel tool to cut it out. I then painted it black and sanded it down to look like it was worn and has been there for some time. Then I reassembled the top piece no glue just wedged on.. after writing happy mothers day on the back..

Step 6: Finished

Finished project



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    That's sweet....Thanks for sharing :)

    This looks like a labor of love! :)

    It's always great to see the effort that goes into restoring items like this. Thank you for sharing the details - the finished rocking chair looks excellent!

    Thank you for the feedback, she said her grandmother had one like it and I wanted to redo it for her.