I used to hit up Target a lot and was somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to Clearance items. I had this Ice 3 Personal vending machine that  I got for like $12.50 and was never used because I didn't like the way it looked but it was cheap so I bought it.
So although I have a refrigerator in the Game Room I figured this would be a nice addition after I make it more my style.

I used the Ice3 but I am sure other ones that are similar or just the same and re badged. I think Heartland sells them for $70 but that would be a total waste of Money, IMHO! They are basically just insulated plastic boxes with a peltier chip,heat-sink and fan, much like low cost wine fridges. It keeps drinks at 32º below ambient room temp.

This Instructable is just how to rip it apart and paint it and give you ideas. The only real modification done to this unit was a 2 pin connecter attached to the fan which was required for the tear down and rebuild.

This is not a replacement for a real vending machine , which if you can get your hands on would be a much more rewarding project, but if you have one of these left over from a dorm room or see one at a yard sale, then go for it, then maybe this will spark some ideas.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies Required or Recommended:

Base Dispenser Unit
Spray Paint ( Krylon or other Made for Plastic Spray Paint )
News Paper
Painters Tape
Philips Screwdriver
Razor Blade or Craft Knife
Wire Strippers

I used 2 pin connector and header for the fan ( ALL ELECTRONICS CAT# CON-242) but you could pull one from an old PC fan or Light. You could just splice the back anyway you like but I utilized what I had

I also used a Syringe with Acetone and a small pry tool to remove badge

<p>Anyone know a good company in the UK that does customized solutions for vending.... im starting a key ring business and have loads of inserts in different locations but need something to make my 'picking quick and effective in the form of a vendor that brings the inserts to a single location from different locations??... its a big ask i know lol</p>
How cold can you make this? <br> <br>I have one of these and it does NOT get cold enough...how do you suppose I can up the efficency and increase the chill factor
After ripping it apart 2 things that would make it more efficient would be. Replace heat-sink with Copper Heatsink for better heat exchange ( expensive, not worth it! ) or swapping out the fan with one with a higher CFM. The latter would be the proper choice! Check sites for PC case Modding . I unfortunately didn't look at specs when I had it ripped apart but if I use it a lot and find it in adequate I will update after fix any issues. Keep in mind that this isn't a real refrigeration unit it will only cool ambient temperature , so if you are in a hot region or outside in the sun it won't work well!
That's so cool

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