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Introduction: Red's Black Sun Pistol

Ever wanted a K'NEX gun that had the accuracy of a muzzle loaded gun, the bullet efficiency of a NAR (with out the weird body), the K'NEX war ability of a TR-18, and the great looks of a Star Wars gun? This gun wraps up all of those abilities into one, compact, cool looking pistol.

I call it a Star Wars gun, but it is technically not a model. I saw this weapon in this Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode. About 3 minutes in is a scene where a Black Sun soldier and a smuggler break out of a cargo box and maul a Mandolorian. He waves a gun about, and that gun is where I got the inspiration for my gun. Its kinda of a dual-wield single handle...kinda.

Epic looking (IMO)
Two FPs
Great range (for a pistol): 40 to 50 ft.
Sights work
Has safety...kinda
Easy pin-pull
Not to piece consuming (for a pistol)
Rivals the NAR and the TR-18/TR-8 in all the things above
ROF (rate of fire): 5 rds. per 30 seconds / or 1 rd. per 6 seconds

Is not entirely my design

Credit goes to dr. richtofen for his knex pistol.

All in all, this gun is amazing, hop you guys like it as much as I do.

-The Red Book of Westmarch



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Thanks man. BTW, when are we gonna see some stuff from you? I know you build a lot of stuff, so that makes you even more qualified to post than some of us...

yes i know but i dont have camara or ipod or somthing that can post on instructables :(

Not very practical, but nice none the less! I'm finishing up my D-bow v2 along with 2 new types of ammo I discovered while messing around with my k'nex. I might have a slideshow up in a few days. :p

Maybe..... I can see it shooting 50 ft. Don't take this the wrong way, but this thing is no match for a TR or NAR. One reason is that the pin bends in one of the pictures and looks like it could break if anymore bands are put on it. lol, someone would snipe you and get you out of the way before you could even load this thing up and get a shot fired off. If your aim is to make a low piece gun that has the loading effect of a NAR and the war capability of a TR..... then take an 8-shot turret and stick it on one of these pistols. At least that's what I would do.

Hmm...well, it will shoot 50 ft. ... just sayin'. No match for a TR or a NAR...I think you have too much faith in those weapons...seriously. Well, this and a NAR have the same loading time...about. I can load and fire 10 rds. in l30 seconds. I don't know exactly what a NAR's load time is, but from what I've heard, it will probably take longer. As to the bending FP, that is a grey pin, as I only have one black pin. If it was a black pin, it would not do so. Dude, you keep forgetting that K'NEX wars usually take place in houses. No sniping done there. Unless you call nOOb-tubing "sniping." :-) Ya know *says in grimace* you have told me to make a TR or a NAR gun since you became a member...why? I really don't believe those guns are all you make them out to be. Sorry, no. :-)