I wasn't planning on giving or making anything for Christmas, but a friend told me he was getting something for me and I felt obligated to give in return. Solution: make something from stuff mostly around the house to tickle his Minecraft fandom.

-I had a small acrylic box just hot-glued together from some other abandoned project. It's not perfectly square, but good enough.
-I tried wiring a USB light at first, but then I came to my senses and bought one. The color was too cool, so I wrapped it in some orange PVC sheeting I had around. I permanently hot-glued it into a plastic panel on the back to keep it in place.
-The paper portion actually comes in three parts.
--Beneath the lamp texture is a frame shape made of card stock and painted black to block the light.
--On top of the now-opaque cardstock went some plain ol' printer paper with the texture printed out.
--There were some ragged gaps along the edges after everything was glued on, so my wife suggested adding folded strips of black construction paper along the edges.

I hope he likes it. EDIT: He did!
<p>I like thath !</p><p>+1 favourite</p><p>Great job</p>
<p>That is like the coolest minecraft creation yet!</p>
That is cool how you connected it to an old console like a PS2. I own one but I'll stick to m Xbox one
That is&nbsp;<em>very</em> nicely done!
are you aware it is glowstone not redstone
Yeah, about that: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Redstone_lamp
It would be cool if you got a USB cable that glows red when powered and add a giant oversised lever

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