Introduction: Redstone Number Displayer

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This is my new screen number in redstone. I know this is not my invention, but I post an instructable of it

Step 1: Preparations

Picture of Preparations

On a world (Flat or Infinite) make this base. You must understand a little bit the redstone to do the number displayer

Step 2: First Layer

Picture of First Layer

Build the first layer on the LEFT SIDE

Step 3: Second Layer

Picture of Second Layer

Build the second layer. First and second image are to the left and the two last are at the right side

Step 4: Third Layer

Picture of Third Layer

Build this at the left of the third layer. Be carefull of your connexion. Check the 2 last images

Step 5: Fourth Layer

Picture of Fourth Layer

Build this. There is 2 side: The last image is Right and the 2 first are at the Left

Step 6: Fifth Layer ... the Last One!

Picture of Fifth Layer ... the Last One!

Build the last layer and be carefull of your connexions

Step 7: Finish Touch

Picture of Finish Touch

Follow the steps to finish the screen numbers. This machine actually works on MCPC or MCPE


Proassault (author)2016-08-22

Thanks ;)

BlueJayFilms-S (author)2016-08-04

Very cool!

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