Reduce Your Junk Mail!





Introduction: Reduce Your Junk Mail!

As I was at my local recycling center, recycling some old electronics, they handed out a kit that has a few addresses that you can send some information to, to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive.

Just download the template, print it onto a piece of oaktag, and send it out with a 26 cent stamp, and the address of the Ad company!

My scanner seems to be acting up at the moment, so I can't post up a scanned image of the kit, so I will type in the addresses manually.

*I thank my local recycling and waste management agency with providing me with these instructions. The man I spoke to loves this site, and he gave me permission to post the addresses of the Ad companies.*

Not only does reducing your junk mail make your house less cluttered, it also preserves space in landfills, and saves trees from useless advertising!

Step 1: Download This Template

Print this document out, and this is the Postcard that you should send to the addresses I will list later in this Instructable.

Now go to the next step once you have this on your computer.

If you have oaktag to print this template onto, it would be easier, so you do not have to put the template into an envelope, you would just have to put the adress onto the back of it and stick it in your mailbox.

Don't worry, the addresses to send this to are in the next few steps!

Step 2: Val-Pak Coupons

Here is the address to send your information to to remove your name from Val-Pak Coupon's mailing list.

Val-Pack Coupons
Direct Marketing
P.O. Box 13428
St. petersburg, FL 33733

Step 3: Direct Marketing Association

Here is the address to send your information to, to remove your name from DMA's mailing list.

Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 643
Carmel, NY 10512-0643

Step 4: Advo, Inc.

Here is the address to take your name off of Advo, Inc's mailing list.

Advo, Inc.
Consumer Assistance
P.O. Box 249
Windsor, CT 06095

Step 5: Harte-Hanks

Here is the address to send your information to, to take your name off of Harte-Hanks mailing list.

List Removal Services
6701 Daymeadow Dr. Suite D
Glen Burnie, MD 21060-6401



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    Pre-paid return envelopes...I love 'em. I just stick them back into the mail, empty of course. I figure they pay the postage for an empty envelope just as well as a stuffed one. The Postmaster informed me that they would have to pay for extra weight should you decide to stuff that sucker full. Anything with pre-paid postage gets returned. Some credit card companies use a bar code on the envelopes flap...just magic marker it out so it can't be read and let them pay the postage.

    I have a new puppy who makes presents for me all over the house. Maybe I can use your idea to Re-Gift.

    Hi! What Happens?...Well, since they sent you a postage paid envelope...they pay the postage for you to send it back to them...EMPTY! They don't know where it came from, so what are they gonna do! Later...Oldsourdough!

    But I meant what happens if you fill it with presents your puppy left

    try putting a mini explosive that explodes when it's opened in the middle of the present lol

     Woah I left that comment a long time ago.

    I LOVE that! I've been saving junk mail just trying to think of something "creative" to do with it that would send a statement. This is a good one!