Reduce and Reuse in One: T-shirt





Introduction: Reduce and Reuse in One: T-shirt

Today we will be making a reusable bag from a old t-shirt. It is a fairly simple process. It's sew or no-sew depending on your preference. Now lets get started.

This is my first instructable, so please leave constructive critisism only. Be nice.

Step 1: Materials

You won't need a lot of materials for this task. Here is what you need:
Old T-shirt
Tape: no sew
Sewing machine or needle: sew
Sewing thread: sew

Step 2: Cutting

You will first need to cut off the sleeves. It is very simple, but if you have to, refer to the picture below. Cut on the dotted line.

Step 3: Sew

If you choose No-sew, then skip this tep

First turn the t-shirt inside out. Then just sew one along the bottom of the shirt. Again you can refer to the drawing for help. You are now done. You have a nice reusable bag that you can decorated.

Step 4: No-Sew

For all you no-sews, take out your duct tape. You will have to turn you t-shirt inside out. Then, tape up the bottom of your t-shirt. As always, you can refer to the picture for help. You now have a great, no-sew reusable bag. Decorate it.

Note: I did not use duct tape for the pictures.

Step 5: Pictures

Here are some pictures that other members made. Thanks to inkblotqueen for the photos.



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    Cool, but how do you get stuff in?

    You put it in through the neckhole

    Hey, I just made this out of a t-shirt and can give you a "real" photo of the end result if you like, to make your instructable better. :]

    Sure! Can you reply to this comment with the picture. It will be greatly appreciated.

    Here you go :] I took a couple from different angles so you can choose the one which looks best to you.