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The goal of this instructable is to create a reduced drag VAWT (vertical axial wind turbine) out of household materials.
Note that this is not the entire engine to generate electricity, but just the blades of the turbine to be used alongside a generator (my current design is based off of Hugh Piggott 5 phase 240 Hz generator). I am not including that part of the instructable because it can all be found through his research and he deserves the credit.

The idea behind this concept was derived from an instructable on how to make a reduced drag VAWT where the blades rotated to create either the best lift or the least drag. I wanted to go for something more simple, easy to understand and have as few mechanical parts as necessary, with the overarching goal to be made from everyday materials (no fabrication needed). From my descriptions of the concept Ceara Byrne was able to provide the design, help, and motivation for this project, and without her I could not have done this.

Step 1: Materials

The following materials are required:

Soda cans (preferably washed out, a 12 pack will be sufficient)
Adhesive agent (I used Gorilla Glue after solder failed me and apoxy made too big of a mess)
Cutting utensil (orignally a box cutter was used but this was traded in for an xacto knife)
Fishing line (I used 12lb test as it was on hand, and I was sure it didn't need to be stronger for my purposes)

The following materials are recommended:

Masking tape
Dissolvent (if you don't want to deal with your adhesive)
Paper towels
Spray paint (if you want a fancy colored/designed turbine)

This looks great! <br> I have played with flexible blades on Savonius blades to reduce the drag too. But the idea of tethering one side to the other is brilliant. <br> <br>Do you have video of it working? <br> <br>Thanks.

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