Reducing Acne Test




Introduction: Reducing Acne Test

First of all Credit to this nice guy who posted a acne reduction suggestion . so far here are the results Six days in .

Subject:How to signifiantly reduce your acne,

Step 1: Day 1-3

I toke two of these because I couldn't find the Halibut Oil at my local rite aid . I figured it is round about the same vitamin A and D as maximuscrates used in his instructable . within the first few days I could tell that my skin was tighter. I also paired this with one 1000 milligram vitamin C pill due to high volume of flu going around in my local area. I want to report this for the sake of accurate scientific study.

Step 2: Day 4-6

I have reduced the amount of cod liver oil to one pill a day and continue the vitamin C as my job is to work in public and I don't want to get sick. So far from looking at the pictures you can tell that the Acme on one side is almost gone and the other side is shrinking.

Step 3: Check Back

looks like a very promising find ;)

Step 4:



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