Introduction: Reducing Creases in Shoes

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This instructable will show you how to save a little money on shoes by teaching you how to reduce or remove creases from most shoes

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To properly complete this process you will need:
Worn shoes- To reduce the creases
A Washcloth- To put over top of the shoes
An Iron-To get out the creases
Water- To put in the iron, and to apply to the washcloth 

You will also need something to stick in your shoe, for this example I used a pair of socks 

Step 2:

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Apply water to the washcloth by running it under the sink for approximately 2-3 mins. Be sure to wring out the washcloth making sure that there is no excess water dripping from any of the edges. This process prevents the heat that is produced from the iron not to damage your shoes. 

Step 3:

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Insert shoe trees or socks into your shoes to reinforce the sturdiness of the shoe for additional support. 

Step 4:

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Apply damp washcloth over creased area of shoe. Allow the washcloth to sit for 1-2 minutes to allow the moisture to seep into the shoe. 

Step 5:

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Set the iron from the lowest to the middle setting of heat so that you don't burn the materials on your shoes or destroy the washcloth over the shoes

Step 6:

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Iron the area that the damp washcloth is on until you see the creases starting to loosen or disappear. Make sure to apply pressure to the area as you iron

Step 7:

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Remove the damp washcloth from the area of the shoes

Step 8:

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Allow the shoes to dry and make sure that everything on your shoes are still intact

Step 9:

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Repeat the process as needed

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Enjoy your new shoes.


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