Wow, my first instructable so please be gentle.

My home network contains, among other things, a NAS device.
This is a device that you would run 24x7 for general availability right ?
However I prefer to keep this device in the living room, because that's where the 1Gb ethernet switch is located.
After a couple of months the noises that the device produces became too loud and annoying, so time to call in the help of Tinkerboy.

Step 1: Find the Noisy Component.

Well the high pitch whine told me it was either the disk or the fan.
Upon opening the case (oops there goes the warranty) I did a swift aural inspection with the NAS running.
In fact the noises had two sources:
-the vibration from the hard drive
-a cheap small fan running at full speed.
Good job. In my homemade FreeNAS i added a variable 5w wirewound resistor in series to optimise cooling/sound ratio. Works well.
Wouldn't it be even better for both the cooling and noise to just put in a bigger fan? I don't really know how big that one is, but you should be able to put a 140/120 mm Antec tricool in there, which are silent, and you can easily change the fan speed if it gets too hot.
Well my solution is free, and this case fan is a tiny 40x40 fan. I don't know of any such elegant solutions in that size. Modifying the case for a much larger fan would have quite an impact on the design. Your comment does remind me to add some scale reference to pictures in the future, just to show what the size of things are.
Awesome project - My initial thought is nix the fan, and nix the outer case for one with a bajillion holes in it. Enter: the drill press :D

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