Picture of Redwood fence office table with hairpin legs

This project is my first and hopefully one of many.

I chose redwood fence panels because it looks pretty and was super cheap ($15-$20 including the frame). The hairpin legs are readily available in all shapes and sizes online OR if you have the tools, it's cheaper and way more fun to make your own!

Step 1: Get your things together


2 x Redwood fence panels (5' x 12" x 1") sourced from home depot.

1 x 10' piece of 2x4 (cut into 2 x 3½' & 2 x 16" lengths)

1 x small tin of semi gloss polyurethane




4 x 28" hairpin legs


Wood saw


Screw gun

Paint brush


Hi Jax! Great to find you on here! Such a beautiful table. (thumbs up) xo

Did you poly the rebar too?
smelo1 year ago

Simple, easy to build! when you have the tools and free time.
Silvio Melo

I love tables like this. Very nice work!

selliott211 year ago

Wow. Gorgeous piece! Did you get the hairpin legs online from somewhere like www.ModernLegs.com ?

jxymarker (author)  selliott211 year ago

Exactly! From memory I had to go through tablelegs.com for ordering but the inspiration came from modern legs.com

modern elegance, killer work