Reese's Ice Cream Cake

Picture of Reese's Ice Cream Cake
The Reese's Ice Cream Cake. Brownie. Better than cake and better than ice cream.

Occasionally, this sinfully sweet, rich, soft, chewy, flavorful and chocolaty cake arrives on our birthdays.  Your favorite bite will be a cool slide of the cake from your fork, into your mouth, crunch through the magic shell chocolate, bite down into the cold ice cream with reese's candy and brownie to sandwich it with.  Keep biting, getting cold and then the flavors mix and you are ready for your next bite.  

My mom used to buy my dad an ice cream cake back when Baskin Robbins first offered them - I think it was the 90s lol.  Eventually, she got sick of paying for them and decided to come up with her own way of making one.

Her original recipe includes: Chocolate Ice Cream with peanut butter mixed into it by hand.  (you will see the technique of the consistency that you would do this - in a later step)  once she had her peanut butter chocolate ice cream, she'd put it over her sheet brownie and decorate after it was set.

My take:  I can't stand that much chocolate!! hahaha. Well...maybe I just don't like chocolate ice cream.  Anyways, I make mine with vanilla and I put all that chocolate on top...for contrast, of course.  ;)

My cousin - Lynne - suggested that you could even take this a step further and make them into cupcakes by baking the brownies in.. silicone cups, maybe, and layering from there.  Once done - you can eat out of the cup or peel it off.  :)  Then it would be Ice Cream Cupcakes!

Taster-Beware!  This sh*t is bananas. 
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KristineT17 months ago

Awesome! Cant wait to finally try this at home. :)

aazrhael1 year ago
could you substiture reese with crunchy peanut butter?
clewis212 years ago
You made me love you, I didn't wanna do it, I didn't wanna do it!
FrozenIce2 years ago
am i in heaven?
Sorry, mean to say Scoochmaroos Magic shell recipe

WILL be making later. Looks SO good! Heres a homemade recipe for magic shell
Jochefor2 years ago
sugar free sunday syrup!!! yeahhh sure! too make it healty :P jajajaja
ashbegash2 years ago
looks :)
ashbegash2 years ago
This look like THE BOMB!!! :)
Awesome Job!!
pepe732 years ago
Looks very tasty.
Gotta love the use of the "sugar free" caramel with all the other goodies. lol
kristylynn84 (author)  pepe732 years ago
lol had to sacrifice *somewhere* hahah
scoochmaroo2 years ago
You should enter this in the Father's Day Challenge!
kristylynn84 (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
omg that makes total sense! haha :D thank youuuu :D
Agreed! Though I didn't think it was possible, this does look better than cake and better than ice cream!
kristylynn84 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
hahah!! :D now you gotta try it! :P