Step 4: Chill Empty Cylinder

Picture of Chill Empty Cylinder
Chill Empty Cylinder for 1 hour for best result. This operation lower the pressure in the cylinder. To refill the cylinder, you have to create a pressure differential between the giver and receiver tank.
sconner13 years ago
Chilling is unnecessary.
Hook up a full tank (under high pressure) to an empty tank (under less pressure relative to the full one) and open the valve between them and the pressures will equalize. Some of the contents of the full tank are forced into the empty one until the pressures are equal. Close the valve and disconnect. Done.
rvirag6 years ago
Chilling the cylinder is better than releasing the pressure. Releasing the pressure wastes gas, causes pollution and a fire hazard. Unburned propane is heavier than air, and its release contributes to ozone production, which eventually adds to global warming. Chilling the cylinder is safer and conserves propane gas.
sconner1 rvirag3 years ago
Ozone in the upper atmosphere protects us from excess UV rays.
Ozone near the ground is called smog.
Ozone is not produced by releasing or burning Propane/LNG.
Ozone is not a greenhouse gas.
Global warming is a political hoax.
It's the lack of ozone that is causing global warming. thats why ozone depleting agents aren't used as propellants in cans anymore.
Haven't you heard.. the earth is now in a cooling cycle.
J57ltr3 years ago
I spent several days with the guys at Worthington, including their production manager and several of their engineers. It is perfectly safe to refill the cylinders as long as you do not exceed the Net weight of the container. Freezing the containers was laughed at and they said its a waste of time. Just take the net weight of an empty container and add the contents (900 something grams comes to mind, check the label). The containers go through many tests, one of which is after they are filled on a rotary filling station they go into a 140* F bath to find any leakers and to make sure they can handle the pressure. I spoke with the production supervisor and he said he filled his own all the time. He even converted his engine driven bike to run on these cylinders.

pblasman6 years ago
your crazy to even think about refilling these tanks. If you make a mistake, your playing with a small bomb.
J57ltr pblasman3 years ago
You know nothing of this so you should consider keeping it to yourself. I have worked with Worthington Cylinder, who supplies most all the tanks discussed here. Even Colman buys from them from Worthington when they cannot keep up with supply.
twhite1016 years ago
How about warming it, then releasing the pressure then do this step. This should make more of a vacuum in this tank.
how about spending the money for a propane tree and extension hoses that attach to your large tank, then you can run your lantern, stove, tent heaters and the like off of your large tank and stop wasting time with this nonsense of collecting small tanks and refiling them. Here is a link, but I'm not advertising lol. look around the net for your best buy. http://www.amazon.com/Texsport-30-Propane-Distribution-Tree/dp/B000P9CZXQ
mlmayfield6 years ago
Had no idea we could refill these ourselves- thanks for this!!