Step 3: Step 2: Sanding

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Step 2:
-Begin sanding down the surface of the table as well as the sides.  To begin, use a corse grit sandpaper, about 60 or 80 grit to strip the old finish/stain/paint off of the table.  It is much easier to use an electric sander, which I did not have.  This process, done by hand, takes about 6 hours to get a nice, smooth finish.  After the table is rough and the majority of it shows bare wood, use a higher grit sandpaper.  Move to about 120 or 220 and re-sand the table again.  This ensures every crack and blemish on the table is smoothed out ready for finish.  After the sanding is done with the 220 grit, clean off the excess sawdust.
-I first blew the dust off, vacuumed the table, and wiped it down with a dampened paper towel with mineral spirits.  This works well, and you MUST ensure that the table is completely clear of any and all dust particles.  Tack cloths work well also.