Step 4: Step 3: Staining

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Step 3:
-Now that your table is perfectly smooth and ready to stain, gather your favorite wood stain and a nice brush.  Believe me, you get your moneys worth for a good brush.  Like I said, Purdy makes real nice, natural bristle brushes for about $10-$20 a piece.  By the way, you can find all of these supplies at your local hardware store, (Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, Harbor Freight, etc.)
-Go to a well-ventilated area and follow the instructions on the can of stain.  Apply thin, even coats, taking your time.  Be sure to wait for each coat to fully dry before you move onto the next.  This was frustrating for me because I had to wait a good 2 days to finish staining.  I wanted to hurry and get the table done, therefore I started to stain and sand before the original layers were finished drying and it ruined a lot of sand paper by “gumming up” on it.  It was a disaster, so I had to re-sand the entire thing from step 1 the next day, putting my project behind even more.  SO, ALWAYS WAIT UNTIL THE STAIN FULLY DRIES BEFORE MOVING ON!
-Stain at least 2-3 layers to get a nice, even coat.