Step 8: Caring for Your New Table

Picture of Caring for Your New Table
Care for your penny table:
-You can use regular wood polisher on the entire table to keep a nice sheen.  For the epoxy part, you can even use a high-quality wax and soft rag.  You can go as far as waxing the top part of the table to keep it shiny and somewhat protected from coasters/water.
-Depending on where your table is (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) depends on how much it will be used.  Determine how often it will get used and that will help determine how much polyurethane coatings you will need.  Less frequent areas can use 1-2 coats, and more frequent use, I would put on either 3 or 4 coats just to be safe.  To some this may be over-kill, but it will protect your nicely finished table.
modsquad2 years ago
Table looks nice. I have been wanting to do this with beer caps to make some outdoor tables and have a variety of different craft beer caps I enjoy all lined up in rows. I just wasn't sure of what epoxy coating but your instructable helped me know what to ask/shop for!
Cambenora2 years ago
Was it really necessary to glue all the coins down first? They'd be well and truly stuck down with the epoxy.