I bought these chairs from my local thrift for $3.00, they had a great look, but needed a re-vamp. The wood needed to be brought back to life, and those ratty seat cushions needed to be replaced. So here's what I did:

Step 1: Remove the Seat

First, I removed the seat and seat back in order to make it easier to sand.
Great idea, and great way to save cash! I have a suggestion- if you didnt dig the material for the seat, one thing you could have done was, say find a couple of sweaters also from the good-will, and use those on the seats.
Sweaters is a good idea, but I wouldn't do that for kitchen or dining room chairs. I covered my dining room chairs with a $2 vinyl tablecloth so they wipe off when they get slobbered on. (But those seats are purty.)
indeed they are
indeed they are
Dang. Sorry the picture that shows all the steps and the original chairs is so small.

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