I recently got a $40 crap used guitar from Midtown Music, and i really saw some value in it. So i bought it. And in this instructable, im going to show you how to make bad-looking guitars look nice. Here are some pictures of the used guitar (im pretty sure it was owned by a little kid, as it had little dinosaur stickers and ketchup stains on it. i pulled the stickers off before i took the pictures, i did not think of making an instructable until later.) But the guitar was in bad condition, the jack was ripped out, the neck was scratched,the pickup snapped, wiring ripped, ketchup stains, tons of dora stickers, and missing pickguard. but the neck was worth more than how much i paid for the whole guitar! so here im going to show  you how i made it into sell-able shape.

Step 1: Sand, Sand and More Sandnd

In this step, I will introduce you to sand. it is a common nuisance in woodworking. it is residue from....lol in other words, its the most annoying thing ever! So now you need to get the old paint off. this is a big part of this project. I used a drill with a rotor of sandpaper on the end. But u can use whatever works for you.

Step 2: Sand

Sand again....but this time the edges. on the tight angles i used an old flashlight with sand paper wrapped around it, but any round object works. You can also start rough sanding.

Step 3: Super Sandy

You get to get sandy in this one.

Step 4: The Big Finish

So, i never got any pictures of the clear coating, but yea, here is the end step. 
<p>Nice work ! I would have made it archtop ... more sand </p>
If it were mine, I would also rout a cavity for a neck pickup...
I was really hoping to do that, but i realized, I'm selling it really soon and the price of that one pickup would overpower how much the guitar price haha so i didnt.

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Bio: I love guitar and piano, especially guitar. i love making new things for cheap out of house-hold items.
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