Picture of Refinishing a wooden end table
A few years back I bought this cool little end table that I thought I would refinish and give to my in-laws as a gift.  Well it took way longer than expected and I ended up donating it to the Hackerspace I was part of at the time (http://www.thinkhaus.org).

Step 1: Let the sanding begin!

Picture of Let the sanding begin!
2010-01-28 11.40.52.jpg
2010-01-28 13.03.16.jpg
I once read that there are three types of service:  Fast, Cheap and Good.  Of which you only get to pick two for any given product or service.  Given the length of time(NOT Fast) and the budget(lots of sandpaper and elbow grease) this was done on, I say this turned out pretty good :)
andy.knote8 months ago

Good work, I really like the laser burnt logo. I can respect any refinishing project, I love to build in wood, but I am never happy with my finishing. Nice work

StoryAddict3 years ago
I have to say, what an unusually-shaped piece. I've seen plenty of odd sorts of tables during my adventures thrifting, but this was is exceptionally different.
DragonDon (author)  StoryAddict3 years ago
I have to agree, it is an odd piece. One of the reasons why I grabbed it, the other being such a easy project to restore and something that would do well in the corner of any given place.