Step 7: Duct-tape the Fitting Onto the Fish Tape End

Stick the fish tape end thru the thread end of the fitting, and duct-tape the end to the flat part, outside of the fitting. That way you can pull the fish tape into the barrel, and the fitting won't fall off.
<p>Does this part just fit into the hole in the barrel and does not require something on the back side or in the barrel?</p>
I had to ream out the hole to allow the part to fit. The part is a bulkhead connector, the main part is like a big thick thumbtack with a hole down the pin, and some threading to allow a ring to be fastened over the pin. You insert the pin thru the hole from the inside, with a gasket, and then lock it in place with the nut on the outside.<br><br>See https://www.instructables.com/file/F3O2DIQFUVSGHZW for a photo. The &quot;thumbtack&quot; and gasket on the left go inside, the nut on the right are outside.
We're glad the fitting worked out for you! <br>We have lots of fitting to retrofit poorly functioning rain barrels :-) <br>http://www.aquabarrel.com/product_rain_barrel_plastic_parts.php
You sir, are a genius. We had the same issue on our first two barrels, but the top hole was the whole top. My latest barrel top hole is only big enough for the downspout and a bit of breathing room... I used a whole beer trying to figure out how to get the fitting in there...
You are too kind. Please enjoy, and when I am in town, I will join you for one of those beers to think by...
I really like this instructable. Easy steps, great photos...<br/><br/>I put it in the <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/55-Gallon-Drum/">55 Gallon Drum</a> group.<br/><br/>Good stuff!<br/>

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