Picture of Reflections on Pi(e)
REFLECTIONS ON Pi(e) - Apple and Cherry Pie

Pi, that unique number that starts 3.14..., really is PI.E, (in mirror image) --  Take a look and see for yourself.  

After running across a post about the 'reflective nature' of Pi and Pie ('3.14' is the mirror image of 'PI.E'), I just knew I had to make a Pie that would 'reflect' well on Pi and reveal this relationship.  But to do so I needed to create two projects:  A special pie pan and a special pie.

Before we get to make yummy pie we need that special pan.  A pan that will allow us to mount two opposing acrylic mirrors to showcase the 'reflective' relationship between pie and pi.  

The mirrors divide the pie pan which provides the opportunity for two different flavors of pie, one on each half!  In this case apple and cherry!
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Step 1: Materials and Tools for the Pan

Picture of Materials and Tools for the Pan
The special pie pan is a modification of a regular 'tin' pie pan allowing us to mount two opposite facing acrylic mirrors.  No, the mirrors don't go in the oven, but the pan has a 'slot-type' Mirror Holder mounted in it to hold them in proper placement after the pie is baked.


1 - Nine-inch metal pie pan
1 - Another metal pan wide enough to span the pie pan (to cannibalize for sheet metal)
2 - pop rivets (uncoated, 1/8" dia., thin grip range)
1 - 9" x 11" piece of acrylic mirror (1/8" thick)
1 - Scrap Cardboard to make templates


Aviation Snips (sheet metal shears)
Saw (band saw or coping saw; not shown)
Drill Motor
1/8" drill bit
Pop Rivet Gun
Needle-nose pliers
Marking pen
Scrap wood to drill on
Ruler (not shown)
Sand paper 
Eye Protection (not shown)
Gloves (to protect against sheet metal cuts; not shown)
Scrap 1/4" thick material (I used plywood; to bend metal against; not shown)
Circle pattern (to trace a circle the diameter of the Mirror Holder width; a bowl or other round item; or a compass; not shown)

If you have difficulty finding mirrored acrylic here is at least one source:
jlenney9 months ago

Great write up, I love Pie/3.14 !!

FYI - I found another place to get acrylic mirrors you might want to link to as well.

wannabemadsci (author)  jlenney9 months ago


So Clever!
Very clever :)
wannabemadsci (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
wannabemadsci (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
jaggdlynx2 years ago
This may be completely random, but I feel compelled to tell you how clever your cover photo is! I'm no photographer or anything, but I have an eye for things, and it's very rare people have a clever eye catching cover photo for their instructable, no matter how simple or intricate of an instructable it may be. I love it. Genious
wannabemadsci (author)  jaggdlynx2 years ago
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. I always try to get a good shot for the cover photo, but it was especially critical to me to have it capture the reflective nature of the pi pie. Thanks again!