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Introduction: Reflective Bracelets

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I was at the home improvement store when I stumbled upon these reflective strips. True, you can buy already made reflective bracelets but this gives you a little creative freedom.

The pack came with 4, 1”x6” strips; 2 red, 2 white for about $3.00.

To make them start by removing the adhesive backing to two strips. Spray the sticky side of the strips with window cleaner. Sandwich the two together, sticky side in, and line up the edges. Use a credit card to squeegee out any air bubbles and excess fluid.

Next roll it up. How tight you roll the bracelet in this step will determine how tight the bracelet ends up. I placed it through a roll of electrical tape. Then I rolled up some card stock and ran it through to help set the shape. Place the assembly outside to dry; about an hour on a warm day.

When dry, remove the bracelet from the circular forms. Since the inner diameter is smaller then the outer you’ll end up with a little over lap on the edges of the bracelet. Trim this off. You can leave it as is or move on to cutting.

For a little more style bust out your wife’s crafting scissors. These type of scissors are used in scrap booking and come in all kinds of patterns. I used a pattern called “Colonial”. Run the scissors along both edges and your done.



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    Do they lose shape as time goes by? Because it occurs to me that you could beef up their structural integrity by building them around, say, an aluminum armature.

    1 reply

    Brilliant! Excellent descriptives; one could probably understand clearly even without the photos. . . or follow the photos without words I suppose. I happen to have a package of these I purchased and then didn't use and forgot to return. Very excited to try this. Thank you!

    Would it not be simpler to use the pattern shears before you roll up the reflective material?

    1 reply

    This is something my teenagers would like to do & my grandkids would love!
    I've never heard of using the window cleaner like this, I would have thought it would mess up the adhesive. I'm assuming that instead, it just slows the adhesive from sticking until the cleaner dries/evaporates? Interesting the things you learn!

    1 reply

    I learned to use "application fluid" back when I used to put these big company logo stickers on the sides of car doors. But I thought the same thing thinking it would ruin the adhesive. Your assumption is right.

    I always get so excited when you post something new! Another great easy to do project, well done!