Picture of Reflective Hoodie Design
Dream it, Draw it, Wear it....

This is a design that i've made inspired by people who loves sports, like running, walking or cycling. It's something that i always wanted to design, and add some details as the texture and the reflective lateral and front material, to make something different and not as usual.

Step 1: Vector

Picture of Vector
The first step is to create a vector or download it from some internet source. I prefer to draw so I get closest to what I am looking for aesthetically.
jorgearpi (author) 2 years ago
Note: I could not use Sketchbook Pro because my student trial version has already expired, that's why I submit for the contest, so I can keep the hardwork with Sketchbook! :)
Thanks for voting! greetings.
N1K1_1NC.2 years ago
This is one of the only entries worth voting for...that's how I spent my vote. Love the idea and it looks awesome as f*ck! :)
jorgearpi (author)  N1K1_1NC.2 years ago
Thank you so much, I really appreciate your words! hope i can do it great!
dromero112 years ago
great design! useful and interesting...
jorgearpi (author)  dromero112 years ago
Thanks! :D