My brother Kevin Dean works at a place that makes and installs fencing and guardrails. A few weeks ago he noticed some unused but beat up stickers that are used on the ends of guardrails. I happen to have an abundance of bikes...

This has been done before and there even are a few entries already for the Light Up Your Ride Cordarounds contest that work on this idea so definitely check out Wrap Your Bike in Reflective Cloth by stupidplus and walkermount's Reflective Super Commuter.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Some of the things you'll need:

Various tools to remove bike components (optional)
Straight edge
Utility knife or similar bladed instrument
Flexible tape measure or piece of ribbon
Paper towels or rags
Reflective material

Obviously it would be difficult to rely on someone giving you guardrail end treatment stickers to do this project. I like the idea of using something from the trash that will make the bike much more visible day and night. Incidentally I also salvaged the bike from the garbage.
very nice
Nice job, and cheap too!
That's me! (The <em>chea'p' part at least.)</em><br/>
&nbsp;lol<br /> <br />
Awesome... great look. Yellow flashers on the front would complete the traffic sign motif. Be sure to use tires with reflective sidewalls. Again, great looking mod.
You're right. A yellow circular light like the ones on top of construction area barriers would be perfect on the front and back. I'll see if i can find some to modify and power with a dynamo.
Maybe with a dynamo-in-the-axle could minimize the friction.

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