Its not ready yet, but i will cobtinue posting as i build it :)

Step 1: Cut the Wood

The wood that im usin is yew, and its not the easyest wood to work with but its so cool. It basically impossible to explain all how to do a long bow so im just basically gonna tell you how i did mine. In thiss image i have just cut the wood in the shape and starting to work it slowly basically allmost only by hand.
<p>I am also looking forward to seeing the finished item. I admire your work so far and love the work-space you have,</p><p>I have one constructive tip for you:</p><p>It would greatly improve the readability of your instructable if you were to use a spelling and grammar checker - try forming your comments in a word processor and copying them across. Also avoid using some words too much (like basically)</p><p>Go forth and conquor mate :)</p>
I'm looking forward to seeing how this bow turns out. So far I am very intrigued.

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