I know it may seem simple to some people but not everyone is confident about how to properly reflint and rewick a Zippo, hell I've had people come in to my shop and ask how to put gas (butane rather than petrol) into one...

Anyway lets continue.

You can also learn a few basic Zippo tricks in my new instructable, Basic Zippo Tricks

Once you're finished with them you can learn more with the second round of tricks.
If you're too lazy to read here 's a video: 

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You'll need:

- A pair of tweezers or very fine tipped pliers
- A stiff nylon or wire brush
- A small flathead screwdriver
- A simple poking device

- A zippos in need of a wick or flint
- A zippo wick, other brands can be too tight in the chimney or too loose
- Lighter fuel, as in petrol
- Flints, some swear by zippo ones, personally swan extra longs do me nicely, don't take them from disposable lighters, especially not Bics.
<p>I found an old metal file card box with a bunch of old lighters in <br>it! Some look quite old as you can see from the photo. I am going to try<br> to fix a few of simple ones first, and hopefully I can work up to <br>fixing the MaruMan-Baroque, the Prince Gardner, and the Ronson Triumph.</p>
What's wrong with bic flints? hope nothing too major, I just put one in my zippo. The only problem I've found is its best to take the flint from a used bic. Otherwise, the flint's too long. But I probably dont know what im talking about... I just bought my first zippo a few days ago and haven't put fuel in it yet. I've only practiced tricks with it so far.
I would not recommend carrying your zippo while in transit through Germany. I landed in Frankfurt and they stripped my zippo of all organic material. I was not allowed to have a working lighter on a plane departing from Germany. Since I was unable to find a supplier of zippo wick, felt or flint, it was useless for three weeks... I will NEVER transit via Germany again!
Thanks for the instructable, got my zippo fixed. +karma.
where can i get a zippo as a 12 year old?
Depends on the guy working there. Its not illegal, but some people don't want to sell them to kids. If they ask, say its a prop in the school play or something.
a prop in a junior high play? hahaha my excuse is " i don't smoke or anything i just want one for doin sweet tricks with it!" it dont work with women that work there but guys know what your talking about!
for me, it would be true.
find a store where your friend works and have him check out your items or buy one from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://budk.com/lighters/c/3500/c2c/ln/">http://budk.com/lighters/c/3500/c2c/ln/</a><br/>
just take a parent along and they will see that you obviously have parental consent(if ur an orphan just give em like 5 bucks to sell u one)
I think were I live it is illegal to sell a cig lighter to a minor but a minor can buy matches and candle lighters
you just have be friends with stoners. i got mine (technically not a zippo) from a friend that's a wicked pothead.
I dont know about california, but in Illinois I can get a zippo anywhere, i just cant buy lighter fluid.
how about in canada?
you most certainly can, i just bought a fresh can o zippo fluid this morning
no idea, sorry. Your best bet is to walk into a store that sells them and just ask if you need to be a certain age. You cant be arrested for asking (at least I hope not...).
ill send u one message me ur address
what state do you live in? because i live in california. i got a zippo as well as 3 of my friends in the san fransisco china town. all you need is a person over 18 with you.
ya i just had my mom tag along and got mine at walgreens( ill post an ible on where and how to buy them)
please do post an ible!!!! :}
im in calif not sf though, yet i have no 18 year old friends that would let me get a zippo
walk up to someone that looks cool and offer to pay them if they buy you a zippo
hmm. i guess you can try to order one online, but other than that; i can't really help you.
i just went the the local poundshop or dollar store and got one and got my dad to get the fluid heres a pic:
bretend your buying it for ur dad for his birthday or somthing, also im 13 but i got 1 when i was 12 from the internet
get a friend to buy one for you
what about those rogers flints, the ones that have a red coating. will those ones work theyre relitively cheap like 69 cents for six of them
They sound similar to a lot of softer flints but no harm in trying them out
Good job on the ible. I've got a couple of old Zippos, (one gold plated engraved with my initials my wife gave me on our first anniversary), but my kids go through the fuel too fast. They are pyros.
A few uncommon things that I have fueled a zippo on: - Aftershave (Joop what about adam) Interesting flavour but it's a happy reminder for me, better times, silly I know... - Some crazy booze from the liquor cabinet (technically a cupboard above the fridge but pfftt) Just grabbed the highest proof item I could see, it's not absinthe, not whiskey and not vodka, it's like wiskey on crack with a combination of something almost spicy about it, makes a nice fuel flavouring... - Ethanol - Isopropyl alcohol - Ether - Something I found under the sink, most likely homemade glass cleaner... Yes despite being good about taking care of them I can be a bit silly in desperate times, I have a collection of disposables that I'm trying to make shrink... Let them play with white spirits or BBQ lighter, it's more of a challenge to get lit etc. however BBQ lighter fluid + paper tissues, shake until mushy, put a ball in and light, allow to become fire lake, throw in another bottle of BBQ lighter whole and capped, for a minute or two it becomes a fire fountain, that is two or three small streams of liquid fire majestically leak forth...
how did the ethanol and isoppropyl burn?
They like deisel and kerosene, but at least they steer clear of petrol after seeing a few of my more flammable misshaps. When they see me trying to rescue an old motorcycle they always get an extingusher, and put the fire department on speed-dial.
Diesel WON'T ignite with a match, or a lighter. The diesel ignites ONLY under compression! Greetings, Mario1.
Unless mixed with ammonia..... (i did not say that)
Mario1, Although diesel is far more efficient under compression, I promise you, it'll light extremely well with a match. I've done it hundreds of times. The best way is to get it warm, or to spray it onto an existing fire. Even though you can toss a lit match into a bucket of deisel, and very often the match will go out, try tossing a match onto deisel soaked rags, paper, grass, etc. It's a very effective accelerant.
Whats wrong with BIC flint.
Its really soft so it flakes and wrecks the wick and makes a mess of the strike wheel
Ohh Ok.
As a quick fix for a day or two it's not good but better than nothing... I like swan extra long, they're hard but you can get a powerful strike like the softer flints because the extra length increases spring tension...
i just bought a zippo and got swan exra long flints came in a yellow pack of 9 are they the right ones?
Yeah, I used them for a long time, however since they went missing out of the shop I'm now using zippo flints because that's what I came across first...
Where could I get one of those?
Swan lighter flints, extra length, you get them in any shop really try a walmart or something...
Well I just got back from scout camp so I bought some Lantern flints and they work great.
Lantern flints are usually ok, they're resistant to expansion and are close enough on the hardness scale...
also when you put a new wick in spit on it and roll it with your fingers so its got a point on then it willl be easier to thread through
The only problem I ever had with putting petrol in my Zippo was that is takes a long time for the smell to fully disappear, and if you want to light something like a cigarette with it it tends to give the cigarette a petrol taste, whereas good Lighter Fluid does not!
where do you send it to be repaired? my friend just got one and slammed it in his car door so it has a pretty good dent.
how do you slam a zippo in your car door?

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