Introduction: Reform Plastic Bucket

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I needed a conical bottom tank to let my algae settle so I could drain it off.

I got a bucket, heat gun, pipe/ flanges, and clamps.

Basically heat up bucket why it's pivoting on flange and pipe. Then use pipe clamps to draw it out.

Step 1: Bucket Pivoting on Pipe

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Mount your flange and pipe to a good surface so clamps can pull straight down from bucket.

Attach rope or wire to bucket.

Place larger heat resistant "die" to draw the soft bucket against.

Heat up bucket

Then evenly squeeZe the clamps to draw out the bottom.

Step 2: Finished Bottom

Picture of Finished Bottom

Here's the finished draw. I actually threaded the fitting on and used that to do a 2nd stage draw out of the bottom.

Don't drill a hole and then heat and draw or the hole will stretch and deform.

Step 3: Bulkhead Fitting

Picture of Bulkhead Fitting

Here's the bulkhead fitting on bottom. Pretty useful.


dano3829 (author)2015-07-12

I kinda tried that. The clamps give u a lot more force in tension then I got from a static mass sitting at the bottom. Also I did a 2nd draw with the bulkhead fitting so the fitting, sat more flush at the bottom of clear dispenser.

amberrayh (author)2015-07-10

This is a pretty interesting technique. Thanks for sharing! What are you doing with the algae?

dano3829 (author)amberrayh2015-07-10

Well. I'm trying to grow it and extract the oil for biodiesel. Check out my blog on the algae growth.

The oil extraction is harder than I thought. I've tried ultrasonic and some electrical methods. I'm might just buy a press. Unsure what type of press though.

pfred2 (author)dano38292015-07-11

I read somewhere about someone that bio-engineered some gut bug I think it was, to convert biomass to fuel. The trick is to end up with a net sum gain of energy, not a loss. Which is where a lot of alternative energy schemes fall short.

pfred2 (author)2015-07-11

I wonder if you could have suspended the bucket right side up, and just put a weight inside it, then let gravity pull the bucket bottom?

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