On a lark I decided to make a refrigerated hookah from scratch. Macgyver doesn't have anything on me. Though everything is airtight
now and overall the build looks clean getting everything to work together was quite the trick. In hindsight instead of going and glass blowing a base I probably should have used a stock base so I could use stock hookah parts. This is a fun project that teaches you the difficulty of margins and seals.

Oh and I may still laser etch or vinyl cut a cover for the outside. Suggestions are welcome!!!!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Desktop mini fridge- former coworker donated. Look for one that can get very cold.

Hookah bowl - a vortex bowl is ideal for hookah stones

Toilet float - used as the platform/gasket for hookah bowl. Only half the part was used

Copper refrigerator cooling pipe -alot of my pipe choices were limited because of my narrow vase opening I got this thin copper tubing at ace hardware

Refrigirator hose- I wanted to do all hardware I put together so it looked like a consistent build. Like other metal parts listed this was a part of something used in relation to food or  human consumption so I believe they are non toxic part. Avoid lead solder!

Copper water pipe with connectors (most of this hardware came from home depot. They were very willing to troubleshoot this project)

Glass base - I went glass blowing with ps1 at Ignite glassblowing which was pretty sweet; Priceless

Gasket-  Rubber cap. Tight gaskets are essential for good hookah clouds/smoke sessions. There is a picture with part info

Wind screen- I sometimes use this without electricity outside (there is a carry handle on the mini fridge and all the parts store inside the box)
Traditional hose - I found my hose to be a little leaky. Traditional hoses have a gasket at the join to the hookah draw
Diffuser- to reduce bubbling

Hammer- used to hammer flat the draw so  I could fit it through the opening. Also used with punch to make gasket.
Dremmel- pilot the hole on top
Ruler- to make sure of allignment. This is probably the most essiantial tool
Metal File

Drill press- to speed up making the holes
Laser- for possible future etchings
I love the idea, but NEVER USE COPPER. <br> <br>EVER. <br> <br>You are seriously endangering your health. Only use steel, dense aluminum, or glass.
Can you provide some evidence for this. My understanding is that water pipes are copper in your home
Yeah, for carrying water. Pulling hot smoke through copper leads to oxidation, and copper oxide is extremely bad to ingest in any form. In water pipes, water is always present, preventing oxidation. <br> <br>It's the matter of what substance is flowing through the pipe. In general, the rule of thumb with smokeware is to avoid copper all together, and only use brass on the cold parts.

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