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Introduction: Refrigerator Magnets


I find that placing the artwork of my nieces and nephews on my refrigerator makes them feel validated when they come to visit. "Auntie Paint loves us because she has our drawings on her fridge! We love Auntie Paint!" While I have enough free magnets from various real estate agents, banks, and plumbers for the current rash of toddler's artwork, I found myself needing a good deal more when my brother's quintuplets started to show an artistic streak.

To hold all those precocious crayon canvasses, I put together a few of these refrigerator magnets. Here's how I made them:

1) I opened up MSPaint
2) I drew a woman in a panda suit being held up by a jellyfish.
3) I printed it on card stock paper
4) I trimmed it down to size using my good scissors
5) I carefully glued the card stock to a magnet strip.

I have a few more to make, with various cosplaying humans being held up by anthropomorphic jellyfish and other invertebrates. I'll need a bigger fridge next.

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