Have you ever wanted to enjoy your garden while you were cooking or eating? Do you have limited space outside or on the windowsill? Refrigerator plants are simple to make and only take a few household supplies. They are sure to put a smile on any passerby. 

Step 1: Materials

Before you begin you need to gather a few materials. You will need 4-6 strong circular magnets, a 4" pot, potting soil, flower seeds, and a hot glue gun. You can alter the size of the pot but remember: the bigger the pot, the stronger the magnets need to be.
great idea
I had to click into your instructable when I read it's title. I too thought the plant was growing in the refrigerator, lol! I thought no way! (clearly I was right). I think this is a very brilliant idea! So simple and easy! Love love love it!
HA, that's awesome, at first i thought it might be a list of suitable plants to grow "in" a refrigerator, what was i thinking...
Very nice. This would be a great way to get plants started if you have a sunny kitchen. :)
That is really cute! What a great way to brighten up the kitchen!

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