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Introduction: Refrigerator Spiders

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I made these spiders because refrigerators like Halloween too. They add a finishing touch to coloring pages of jack-o-lanterns and spooky ghosts. Each spider has a 1/2" neodymium disc magnet in its abdomen. 

I made them from 22 gauge sheet metal and 16 gauge wire.  

Step 1: Cut Out Circles

To start I found out which size depression in my doming block would fit a neodymium magnet. These magnets are 1/2" discs. Next I measured the diameter and traced that same size onto sheet metal. I used metal shears to cut out all the circles. There are 8 total; four small, 4 big.

Step 2: Dapping Circles.

In the second picture you can see the progression how the metal is formed. You start out with a larger depression and work your way smaller. Eventually a half sphere is formed. 

Step 3: File Off the Edges.

To clean up the edges I soldered the smaller halves to a nail and mounted them in my lathe. I used a file to get rid of the jagged edge. The larger halves I filed down with a file on a flat surface. 

At this point I used sand paper to sand off oxidation. 

Step 4: Use Silver Solder

After de-soldering the nails I applied soldering paste to both halves. I then butt them together and used a torch and silver solder to join them. 

Step 5: Cut the Legs

I cut 8 short pieces and 8 long pieces of wire. I then bent them all at 90 degrees in the center. The smaller ones bent further so they fit into the curve of the other. I used a diamond wheel to remove any sharp edges. 

Step 6: Soldier the Body to the Legs

First I soldered the legs together. After that I soldered the body onto the legs. The joint of the two halves are centered on the bends of the legs. 

Step 7: Bend in the Joints

This part is easier than it looks. I used the width of the plier jaws as a guide. With that I went around to each leg and bent in all the joints. 

Step 8: Polish and Add the Magnets

Using a buffing wheel and polishing compound I buffed the metal to a shine. The last Thing I did was slip neodymium magnets into each spider.

Thanks for reading.  



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    Nicc a All is well.....


    4 years ago

    when I solder the legs to main body, everything comes un-soldered. any ideas

    1 reply

    All the solder will melt but everything should stay together as long as the pieces are supported. Try putting a section of the same wire you used for the legs under the head and body. That way when the solder melts the body will rest on the wire supports. Make sure those supports are not close enough to the solder that it gets soldered itself.

    Amazing!!! They look so cool I would keep them up year around! Nice work.

    These look awesome - all your creations are so unique :)

    This is awesome! Been wanting to get into metal for a while and keep talking myself out of it because it's a whole 'nother set of tools.

    Little spider magnets are calling my name, though!

    1 reply

    Thanks. You don't have to have fancy tools for a lot of projects. You can find examples under my profile.

    I would be interested in purchasing these if available?

    Interesting instructable. Where do you find that block with half sphere holes? Same with the hammer...

    3 replies

    I got them here.

    Nicely done!
    Spiderman would be proud!
    This would also be a great way to make head tacks for taiko drums if you have more patience than money.

    This is going on my bucket list of things I would like to try and make!!! it gets longer and longer but I will get there....
    Working with metal is one of the top things I would like to play with...
    Great instructable!

    Thanks for this tutorial. For quite some time now, I have been wondering how on Earth to use Doming blocks. You just answered my question. And inspired a few cool projects along the way! Great job on the spiders, BTW! They look super awesome!

    1 reply

    Great! Don't forget to post pictures of your creations.