Picture of How to Refurbish your Kitchen Table

Do you own a table that over the years has gotten burn marks, paint marks, and other faults? This instructable will give detailed instructions on how to refurbish the table on your own. Refurbishing the table will bring a higher value for it, and will make it more eye appealing in your household. This project will not be hard to accomplish, and requires no educational experience in refurbishing wooden tables. The project will also be inexpensive to complete. A decent amount of time is required to complete the finished project. However, this allows you to spend quality time with your kids, marriage partner, or just friend. The approximate amount of time it will take depends upon you, but should only take between five to seven days. The amount of actual working time on the project will only be about eleven to fifteen hours. The rest of the time is for the table to dry and cure. This project will allow you to have nicer furniture. The next time you have guests over they may also compliment you on what a great job you have done, and will allow you to show them how they may go about refurbishing there wooden furniture.

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Step 1: List of tools, stain, and clear coat needed to complete project

Picture of List of tools, stain, and clear coat needed to complete project
Before starting this project you will need to go to your local hardware store, and purchase the proper tools, stain, and clear coat. The total cost for the entire project will not exceed more than twenty five dollars.

Warning: This project should not be done inside the house due to the dust, and fumes produced from sanding staining, and clear coating. These fumes can cause injury, and safety eye wear should be worn at all times.

1. Sand paper ranging from 60 to 150 grit
2. Sanding block
3. Horse hair brush
4. Foam brushes
5. Stain
6. Clear coat
7. Paint thinner “optional”
Excellent instructable! Exactly what I needed. I'm just starting to learn how to work with wood, and your clear and simple step-by-step instructions were very worthy. Thank you.
Buzzinski4 years ago
Nice Ible. My only suggestion is that applying the stain can cause some wood fibres to be raised a little and you might want to sand them down with very light pressure and 600 or 800 grit then clean off with a tack cloth. This gives a much smoother finish and doesnt lift any of the stain.
Newendorp (author) 4 years ago
Thank you for the compliments I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff. I do not have any high tech tools other then my two hands, but I have found some very unique ways in crafting this stuff so I am always proud of my work.
jwolski4 years ago
Beautiful finish! I need to do this to our kitchen table once our kids are a little older. It is currently riddled with scratches from silverware and scribbles from permanent markers.
rimar20004 years ago
Very nice brightness! And very nice wood grain, too. Good work!
AaronAdamic4 years ago
Wow, thanks for the great ideas! Will try them.