Picture of Refurbish a Box for Carcassonne Game
I just recently got the game "carcassonne" (similar to settlers) for my birthday. It had a lot of extensions and it was all packed into a huge ugly cardboardbox with plastic interior. So i decided to make an appropriate box for the most awesome game in the world. In this instructable i will show you how i refurbished an old wooden box to put my carcassonne game inside. 

You need:
  • an old wooden box
  • wood stain
  • a brown watercolor pencil
  • a dremel with a carving tip
  • sand paper
  • transparent varnish
  • not necessary but super useful: an electric sander
  • patience!

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Step 1: Sand the Old Varnish Away

Picture of Sand the Old Varnish Away
Make a short appraisal of your box and check if it closes properly and if it has any other defects that need to be fixed.

Then, sand the old varnish from the box. It's much faster and easier if you use an electric sander (grinding machine). I used a small electric hand sander. The ones you can attach the different sand papers with velcro tape. If you don't have an electric sander, make sure you use a wooden block or something flat to sand the box, otherwise you might get ugly dents into the surface. I would recommend you to sand the whole box, even though some parts of it might still look nice. That way you can make sure that the box will look uniformly once you're finished.

My box did not close properly, so i used the electric sander to grind a part of the lid down, so it would close again. 

In this step I also removed the pins from the hinges, which make it much easier to work with the box. In my case it was super easy to remove the pins, since the vibrations of the electric grinder basically removed the pins by itself. Otherwise you can use a paperclip to push the pins to the other side of the hinge.
makendo1 year ago
It came out really well, kudos. Great game, too.
Nozebra (author)  makendo1 year ago
Thanks a lot! I LOVE the game! :)
How clever to do this with a dremel! I don't know what I will make, but I'm definately going to use your idea :D
Nozebra (author)  SanneLaurenssen1 year ago
Thank you! Let me know when it worked out! Hope it turns out nicely!
gcoulby1 year ago
For those that don't have, can't afford a dremel and have a very steady hand, considering using a pointed soldering iron, I do similar designs, it reduces the number of steps as it burns the wood a very dark brown as you draw, stay on too long and it will go black though. Plus it smells amazing as you scorch the wood.
TheManse1 year ago
Very chique!
Nozebra (author)  TheManse1 year ago
Thank you!
TXTCLA551 year ago
Very nice! I am defiantly going to try that logo transfer method on my next puzzle box.
Nozebra (author)  TXTCLA551 year ago
Cool! Let me know if it worked out!
M3G1 year ago
Nice! I love carcassonne!
Nozebra (author)  M3G1 year ago
Thanks! Me too! It's just such a cool game!
Kiteman1 year ago
That's a nice job, well done.
Nozebra (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Thanks a lot!
Nice work!
Nozebra (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago
Thank you!