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So I decided to post a simple instructable about how I refurbished an old patio set that I got off craigslist for FREE!!!  Hopefully this will help someone with a similar project!

What you'll need:

Electric Sander (or sanding blocks)

Wood Stain (I use Minwax Stains, they are available at almost all hardware stores)

Clear Wood Lacquer (I use Deft Lacquer)

Foam Brushes (less than $2 at home depot)

Misc. Screws (dependent on project, mine were all rusty so I took them to home depot and they helped me find the same sizes)

And of course something to refurbish!!!!

Step 1: Get to Sanding!!!

Alright, so the first step is to take apart the table and chairs as much as possible, this will help you to sand it easier and will also help to have the stain go on more evenly.  So, sand down all the grime and worn down stain off of the table and chairs.  This hardly took any time at all on mine since it had been outside and the weather had pretty much taken most of the finish off of the table and chairs.  You don't necessarily have to get the color all the way off if you are going to stain it a darker color than it already is.  I used an electric sander on the top and bottom of the table and a sanding block for the legs and the chairs.  After you have it all sanded your ready to move on to the next step!!!
Beautiful! Love the dark wood with the nice bright seats on the chairs!
They look great, nicely done!

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