Picture of Refurbished Skateboard= Trick Style Balance Board! + VIDEO!

Let's just start things off by saying that these are not my original ideas. Credits go to Sam Noyoun for his instructable on a carpet surfin' balance board.

I am healing from injuries now and it is spring time so I am looking for a fun way to pass the time. Sam's project jumped out at me as something that I could both have fun using, and making.

This is a different style of balance board, directed more for tricks and extreme riding.

It is a video instructable. Although, I will ad some photo-free steps with dimensions.

Lastly, if I end up getting hatter comments becuase somebody has already made a balance board, then you clearly are not viewing this correctly...


skateboard deck
1 by 3 inch wood blocks
belt sander
drill bit and wood screws
Construction glue
jigsaw, skill saw, table saw....saws
Foam weather strip
ABS of PVC pipe, anything hard, with a diameter of at least 3 3/4inches

Step 1: Video Instructable! Slackers Unite!

Here is my video instructable on balance boards. To view exact dimensions, continue on to the the next steps, if you don't care, enjoy my video, and maybe check out a few of my others ;D

how'd you break your arm?
ahhhh.....long story.
doug920657 years ago
dude thats really sweeeeeeeeet i gots to make 1 p. s. how did you get a pic of mohamed fallin?
cruz17 years ago
board+full two liter, works too then you dont have to do anything but stay inside and not enjoy skateboarding to the fullest, they have wheels for a reason broham!
kraM7 years ago
this is cool, i got a crap deck that im gona try this with
thats really cool. i made one now all i need is a PVC pipe.
armorwaxer8 years ago
check out the one i made
C:\Documents and Settings\Adam parker\My Documents\My PSP Files\My Pictures\kool pic man.bmpC:\Documents and Settings\Adam parker\Desktop\Adam\b board\b board.JPGC:\Documents and Settings\Adam parker\Desktop\Adam\other b board.JPG
PackRat44488 years ago
in step 2 insted of using a belt sander, u could peel away the grip tape correctly & if u have the right board the wood under neth should be stained a certain colour. (p.s. ignor my preveous comment.)
Hey! That break looks exactly like the one my physics teacher got from falling on his snowboard! (Totally ironic and hilarious due to the two lessons that he taught us after on how to fall properly when snowboarding)

Nice job with the balance board!
I've been promising myself one for three years now, just haven't gotten to it yet =/

evy-wevy (author)  T3h_Muffinator8 years ago
it is so worth it, after making the instructable, I personalized it with awesome stencils and purple griptape. I also learned tricks, like shove-it, body varial, ollie etc...
im soo gona make one
MattDurr8 years ago
Canada rocks Eh!!!!
graff8 years ago
This is soooo sick! Great job! I am going to go make one!
sam noyoun8 years ago
Glad you've done this... I really like your video. Good luck in the contest.
evy-wevy (author)  sam noyoun8 years ago
Thanks bud, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have made the video :D
ewilhelm8 years ago
How did you get such a clean break in your shoulder? None of my broken bones are that clean. Also, remember that you can edit your Instructable. A few screen captures from the video would do worlds of good, as would a little bit of proofreading. The title of step 1 is really jumping out at me...
evy-wevy (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
lol my bad, I was typing late at night on my laptop, i will fix it later tonight after work...(mcdonalds ugh) About the bone, I was wrestling with friends ( i know, how stupid ) and I was tackled with my forearm pressing up against my good friend max's chest. I came down and just heard the crack, don't remember much else...