Picture of Refurbished Wooden Crate
I turned a beat up old wooden crate into a makeshift bookshelf. Read on to see how it was done.
What You'll Need
[x] wooden crate
[x] sandpaper
[x] spray paint
[x] rubber stamps
[x] acrylic paint

Step 1: Sand

Picture of Sand
First, I sanded the crate. The crate was pretty dirty and rough, so this not only smoothed away splinters, but got rid of dirt and generally lightened the wood.
You can see in the picture for this step how much lighter the wood is compared to the intro picture (the crate unsanded).
WhiteLotus2 years ago
Where can one get crates like this?
Dollydagger (author)  WhiteLotus2 years ago
I got mine via freecycle. Maybe a produce shop?