Picture of Refurbished dresser
Hello everybody,
It's a long time I don't post anything, and time to do it again has come. B-)
I had a (really ugly) dresser only suitable to be thrown away. But before to throw it, I ask to myself: -STOP! Can I refurbish/tune it up? -And, of course, the answer was: -YES!

As usual on my projects, to do this you need a really low budget. For less than 4€ I give to this horrible TV furniture a bunch more years of life!

Let's see what I do with this.

Material used:
1 old ugly drawer (required and mandatory) - Already own
3 different gift wrap paper rolls (can be more or less, and of course, you can use fabric, plastic of whatever material you prefer...) - 0,60€ each.
1 roll of gift wrap transparent plastic.- 0,75€
4 plastic guards (bumpers) - Already own
White glue, foam painting roller, brush, stapler, scissors, screwdriver, cutter and cutting mat. - Already own all these tools and materials.

Step 1: Preparing

Picture of Preparing
Before begin to tune it up, I needed to clean it up well.
First, to clean well the drawers I'llI take off the remaining pullers using the screwdriver.
I Clean all drawer's surfaces with 96ºAlcohol. As I need to glue paper on it, I can't clean these furniture with furniture cleansing products because they are made containing wax and other products to gave shine and polish to the furniture and this also prevent the glue to stick on the threatened surfaces.
I seize the opportunity to add some reinforcements on the edges to give to the dresser more stability.