Step 9: Add the Perpendicular Pieces

These shorter but more numerous pieces have to be weaved between the first pieces.   These are great to use old belts for because of the shorter length.  The same drill, punch, and rivet procedure is used. 
Love it.<br>Great reuse.<br>Great thought/suggestion/rule about keeping your eyes open when biking.<br>But the most important part of this Instructable is your way of seeing new, useful uses that you can give the things that thousands of other people pass by. <br>Thank you for a fine piece of work.
i've no seatbelts but yards and yards of 4&quot; truck straps. i was going to cut up some steel folding lawn chairs for rafter hooks but i've got to try this first! thanks for imagination!
Thanks! Post pictures here if you do it!
i'm sort of glad it's been a hard winter here. it took me a while to remember why i was going to cut up the chair frames into rafter hooks. when the chairs were still strung they killed my back! one thing with old truck straps, they're strong enough to grommet and lace underneath the chair, saves material and makes them adjustable.
This should have won... it's awesome
Thank you!
very cool!
Thank you!
That looks great! Just what my old beach chairs need!<br>Why rivets instead of screws?
I wanted to prevent oxidation so wanted to use the same material as the frame of the chair. I could have used short screws though. ...and thank you!
A chair like that was made into a 6 meter transmitting antenna and featured in QST magazine as the &quot;Squallo&quot;. <br> <br>Shore do wish I could Find some of these old chairs.
I'm going to have to look that up!
I like it. Unfortunately I cannot find the old fold up frames (new or used.) They only sell the frames already extended. You stack them up for transport. If you want a folding type, you have to get those hideous cloth ones that hurt your back.<br> <br> I wanted to say that you did a great job. I remember my Mom re-webbing ours when we were kids. We bought the webbing at TG&amp;Y. Stuff was too expensive to throw away then.
Yeah, I think many people discarded them long ago. It sure is sad!<br><br>Thank you!
Great idea!<br>Much more stronger then those replacement plastic strips. Got a bunch of old rotted out chairs like that hanging out in the garage. <br><br>Now to find a source of those discarded seatbelts.
I have the opposite problem - not enough of the old lawn chair frames! But you can bet i'll be collecting them for the rest of my life now. As well as cutting out the seatbelts from every junk car that passes in front of me.
Great instructable, chair looks pretty good for being repurposed! Its a shame that people throw out these chairs when the frame is still good. At the very least people could use the metal for other things
I agree. Fortunately we're allowed to salvage from the metal and wood piles here and at least the person discarding it put it in that pile instead of the pile of stuff to be baled up and shipped to a landfill. I actually found another of these chairs the day that I finished this one! Fortunately I still had lots of material to work with so now have a second chair. (Although it doesn't match exactly.)<br><br>Oh, and thank you!
No problem, are you salvaging from a collection facility place or what?
Sort of. The town's waste is baled up and shipped by barge to Seattle. But metal, wood, glass and recyclables can be separated. The wood is burned weekly. The metal and cars are picked up by a recycler about once a year. For $5 for a day or $50 for the year you can salvage through the wood, metal, and cars. Sometimes it is awesome. Sometimes a letdown. Rarely is it not worth $5!
thats awesome!
Perfect chair for my garden! :)
Cool chair, its got some nice flavor!
Thank you!

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