Maybe You Will Build One For Him?

Welcome to my instructables.

This time I want to share with you how to build R2D2 based on an egg-shell.

I call him the REGG2-DE2! It has got a turnable head, a blue diode to transmit the hologram of Princess Leia, and fully adjustable legs.
If you are one of the older folks, be patient! I really appreciated having small fingers for that job. I hope you‘ll have some fun building and playing. :-)

Step 1: PDF Instructions and Printouts

For this project you will need:

1 egg XXL (or more if your unlucky)
an old shoe box (2mm cardboard)
12 magnets (5mm diameter)
3 mm blue diode
5mm diode (any color)
thin electric wire
3V battery (for watches/ calculators)
used 4,5V battery (3R 12)
a lollipop
epoxy and super glue
putty (fitter) for walls
white paint spray can
transparent varnish spray can (matt)
silver and blue paint for modells

printouts of all helpers included as PDF (plus stickers)

Man!! I am from Brazil and your idea is awesome! Excellent! Congratulations!
lol. regg 2 de2 is awesome. it would have been so funny if r2de2 looked like this in the star wars series. im going to make one. and maybe try to make a egg-3-pee-o. lol, after all you can't make an omlite without breaking the eggs
you should screen-shot a starwars movie, photoshop regg-2-de2 and you into it (but in scale and you are all dressed up).
<p> Great instructable!.<br> <br> Your stop action video was fun to watch -&nbsp;nice job on it.<br> <br> Definitly a well rounded instuctable.<br> includes all...<br> <br> thanx<br> - chase -</p>
thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed the video
Amazing! you are an artist
good thing there was a stunt double for the ending<br>
Yeah, but I'm sad to announce that the double himself didn't survive his stunt &ndash; as seen on the video. But he was tasty... :-)
This is plain adorable! Well done, I threw ya my vote :)
Thank U for your vote, I'm glad you liked it!
WAY too great of an instructable! I HAVE to make one of these with my kids!<br><br>Good job posting the stop motion video also. Thanks for sharing.<br>
Please share your results when you&quot;re done. I'm curious.
Too precious! I had to vote for this one!
Thanx for your vote!
Mrs. Nic and her DesignSquad think that this is WAY COOL and WAY TOO complex for a Middle School enrichment (club-like) group of 10 students with limited funds and know-how. What do you think? advise?
Thank You for your evaluation! Everything you need is easily available for 10+ people, just for cutting the egg-shells you probably have just one person doing the job (one driller with cutting-wheel necessary). But that person will be so experienced after 10 eggs. :-)<br>Glue, putty and printouts shouldn't be too costly either, my egg-unit cost about $20, but included in this are two new spray colors, that will suffice for more than 20 Regg2-De2s. Have Fun!
+5 internets for nerdism.
Wonderful project and amazing photos of the dioramas!
<strong>awesome </strong>project, and a clever video!<br> <br>
I was not expecting such a positive response from everybody!<br>thanks for your support.
Great job! I loved the video.
This is AWESOME! Welldone!
Well Done!

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