Reindeer Nads an EZ Fudge How To





Introduction: Reindeer Nads an EZ Fudge How To

Sometimes called Buckeyes but how does that go with Christmas?  there are several variations of this ez fudge floating around the interweb, I tried several and then came up with my own variation

Step 1: What You Need

small jar of peanut butter
 1/2 package of cream cheese
 1/2 stick of butter
 1/2-3/4 box of confectioners sugar
 2 packs of  semi sweet choc bits
 hersey bar (s)

Step 2: Nuke It

in a microwave safe bowl, empty the jar of peanut butter, half a package of cream cheese and half a stick of butter, microwave at 30 second intervals stirring between intervals until melted (going longer could result in a VERY messy microwave (no pics I was to aggravated to think about it)

Step 3: Sweeten the Deal

stir the confectioner sugar into the warm mix until it forms a dough, about 3/4 of a box

Step 4: Form It

I used a 1/2 teaspoon measuring spoon to scoop out the dough and then rolled it into balls which then were refrigerated

Step 5: Temper the Chocolate

I put approximately one and a half bags of chocolate chips in a bowl and sat that bowl in a bowl with water and microwaved until the water was boiling. I then stirred the chocolate until it was smooth and microwaved agaion for 45 seconds before stirring in 6 small hersey dark chocolate bars one at a time until they were all melted.

Step 6: Pretzel Topping

I'm sure I could have used a processor to crush the pretzels but I didn't want to dirty ALL that so I just used a cup and crushed them by hand

Step 7: Assemble

stick a toothpick in each peanut fudge ball, dip in the chocolate and then the pretzel crumbs and place them back in the refrigerator

Step 8: Share

after the chocolate has firmed up the treats can be placed together in a covered dish, they can sit out for a while but they are best cold, at least in my opinion. these are SUPER easy to make and people will be bombarding you for the recipe



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    I'm definitely doing this! Did you come up with the recipe yourself?

    there are a lot of similar recipes floating around the interweb I took what I liked best and went with it. I was originally going to call these reindeer poop but my daughter made a batch of cake cookies with chocolate fudge centers and used the name first !   Here's an earlier experiment  you can take any flavor icing, heat it in the microwave and stir in a half box of confectioners sugar then spread out and refrigerate. The butter and cream cheese I used in this attempt makes a very rich but slightly crumbly fudge. It really takes only minutes to make and people will be begging you for more. Just imagine for the next holiday you use a strawberry icing with a box of frozen strawberries and maybe a whole box of pwdrd sugar and dip THOSE in chocolate...........
    Thanks for stopping by...check out some of my other food guides

    Cool! Thanks for sharing. I love your recipes. ^^