Introduction: Reinforce Your Monster Cables

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Have you ever owned headphone cables that break and short circuit? Well Sugru can help you reinforce and make them even much better looking!

Step 1: Get Some Sugru

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Go to the following website: and get some Sugru for this project. 

You can buy the 8 Mini Packs of 5 grams, you will use only one, but you can have some Sugru for other projects.

Chose a color and open up the little container, remember that you have to use the Sugru within 30 minutes after opening it.

Step 2: Shape the Sugru Around the Cable Connections.

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Make a shape that hugs the whole connection that you want to reinforce. Make sure that you cover everything and you give it a nice natural shape, or an amorphous blob shape if you want!!

Step 3: You Are Done!

Now you are done! Let the Sugru set and you will have really good reinforcements for your cable. Now they won't break anymore! Congratulations, see how easy it was?

This guide was made at the Hacknight hosted by H3 Laboratories sponsored by Instructables and Sugru in El Paso, Texas.


gavargas (author)2013-07-28

I guess you could make a whole cable with Sugru to be sure!

stateit (author)2013-07-28

... sorry for my above post... I've just done some research on Sugru

stateit (author)2013-07-28

Won't the cable still wear and break where it exits the Sugru?

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