The ring hitch, also known as the cow hitch, lanyard hitch, lark's head, bale sling hitch, and probaby goes by a few other monikers, can sometimes easily loosen up or get slack when not under tension with some types of 'slippery' cordage, like nylon paracord, so the 'Reinforced Ring Hitch' offers a little more security with a better grip. There are many various hitches that can be used, but this is an easy one to learn, tie, and remember. This hitch is found in 'The Ashley Book of Knots' as #1863. More knotty stuff on my blog: Stormdrane's Blog
Awesome Hitch Tutorial
Just the way I like things.....<br>short.<br>sweet.<br>and to the point.<br>&amp; no messing around. :)<br><br>TY for sharing...somehow I expected it to be more complicated...I like that it's not....<br><br>I bookmarked your blog &amp; I also ordered the book &quot;The Ashley Book of Knots&quot;....<br><br>TY again Sir
great video! love the music.
For those not familiar with '<em>The Ashley Book of Knots</em>'(ABoK), some of the book's contents is available in this <a href="http://books.google.com/books?id=aN58gdigmy4C&lpg=PA219&dq=ashley%20book%20of%20knots&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false"><u>Google books preview link</u></a>.
Nice and easy. I like it. I have a theory about ABoK. I think that every knot in that book is somewhere on the Internet. I would love to make a blog or web page or something that just had links to the best demos of all the knots in ABoK, in order. But, I can't find ABoK #1! Maybe my theory is wrong. :(

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