This is a handy little sewing technique. I use these holes in my projects as attachment points for cordage, buttons and as pull string holes. For my hiking gear I prefer to use button holes and cordage instead of zippers, snaps or velcro. I find that zippers will tend to get caught, or break. I'm sure we've all experienced that! Snaps and grommets will detach leaving exposed material that rip. Velcro wears out.

This example is showing a towel with faux leather as the reinforcement. The hole is fairly large so I can put paracord through it easily. You can make them much smaller or larger.

A note on the pictures: The inside of the hole appears to be frayed, but this is not the case. You are seeing the 'fluffy' backing of the towel. These holes are specifically made to prevent frayed edges in them.

Step 1: Tools and materials

Sewing machine or needle and thread if you really want to.
Very sharp and pointy scissors.
exacto knife (optional)
Something to push or pull material through a hole. I used a tweezers.
an iron to flatten out the material (optional)
That is a great technique. I will put it into practice for a belt with pouches that Im making. Thanks!
Awesome, glad you find it useful. Good luck with your project.

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